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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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ticket when in the stadium to profit basic needs with you can say for children and freedom liberty and words similar yet to emphasize the ability to stay the course is that ignorance continues to debate with right to life and product challenge without capital courtesy and is market speculation it collapsed. and life and begin death vote for a working together
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community. let's end it. thank you. next speaker >> tom two town beach. i was born october 19, 2050. about a year latter my parents bought a video system and i played with the dials. the one would flip broadcast segments and every once in awhile i would watch the movie high noon. now 25 years ago i entered a
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wheelchair and cable and remote gamma part of my life. tomorrow night there's doing o a john ford movie. she wore a yell ribbon. in that movie the leading men says to his subordinate never apologize. i'd like to apologize to the boarder if i knew what to do about the noise i would do it. i knocked on my supervisors door. i just had gotten my energy and we're here and i hope he,
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continue. also i want to talk about greatness but i ran out of time. we have at 8th and brannan we have the concourse. happy imply year, happy valentine's >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you supervisors. i think it's very important we're in control of this city. the mayor wants this city to become one of the strongest cities in this country. however, there are other second degree terrors of the economy we haven't increased our monies
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here. so therefore we're in control is very important. and housing is needed and that's what i believe the mayor said. on the different subject matter and it doesn't pertain to this audience but pertains to our whole country. our nation is for advocacy and human rights i find it peculiar that so many people are not able to get marijuana and i think it should be legal listed.
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>> next speaker. >> before i start i'd like the camera to focus on that lady. she's the one that needs the publicity. thank you. i'm douglas and i've lived in san francisco for 719 years >> now that football is over there were 3 people who fumbled the ball. the mayor and the board of supervisors it's the truth let's face that. and in a recent dream the spirit of harvey milk spoke to me and he said he wanted respect given to a dead gay man.
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he said for the airport i want respect for the gay man and he said the curse against the dead man don't effect the 49 recent. i want to thank the mayor for his opinion against porn. i want you to look at the general hospital and try checking the years between 20078 and you tell me in writing what you found and if i need any help there is a porn task force located in the south bay and i assure they will help you.
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in my opinion chu bloktd earlier attempts to stop porn in san francisco. thank you >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon. happy black history month. we seemed to have forgotten it in this shortest most of the year. i'm a lifelong resident district 10. member of the black human rights couple of san francisco off and on by dr. jackson. i made a mistake when i said we addressed the furnished jaend and she remind me there was no agenda so we have to unfinished
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agenda. i like to have a memory of bishop jackson who was a member at the church who passed away of a massive heart attack last week. he's also in the bay choir. many don't know about the choir because we have a culture person running the center. it's also for your culture. our culture includes gospel music and our choir caught hell the whole time that's why we're
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not there. it's services are at baptist church and his mother did loot to stop violation. we hope to see a lot of people there >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon. my name is is karen and i'm here to speak in favor of the oops the national defense act. first thank you to boarder president david chiu and the supervisors who co-sporptd this legislation. i appreciate your help. my father spent the remaining years of his life fighting and
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reminding people about our japanese people who spent time in american prisons. with hatred brewing against our citizens and innocent americans because they looked like the enemy. the law says we can arrest anyone who looks like san franc
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and i reside in district 9. i want to thank supervisor chiu. i want to say a couple of things
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of why the mba and resolutions. you're going to hear from other people testifying behind me today. we could see indefinite military action of things that are indefined in the law. resolutions make the law clear. the law passed without a real debate in the law. and even when the law went to committee we have not seen the kind of debate from an unconstitutional law that can effect our rights under the 5 accounting and 6th and 8th
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amendment which presents certain things about our troops. and san francisco - i just want to point out that karen spoke a little bit about our faggots story when he has her father was held in san francisco county jail. it's very real and the issue a very real. there's a wide variety of the communities supporting it. we have community - people from community supporting it and next speaker >> i want to thank the members of the board of supervisors who were supporting the resolution removing the providing of mba
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act that calls for the did i tension of u.s. citizens. membrane introduce myself i'm bill i'm a japanese american and for justice. during world war ii my family was removed due to executive order from 70 near the racetrack to end up on the indian reservation land. my - we ended up there because he had no trial, nor faced any charges wisp simply found guilty because of our race. my father lost his provides business and truck. and due to antijapanese people
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in san francisco we couldn't find a lawyer to defend him. he received no help from any community. i was born in the reservation and suffered skin rashes. individuals suffered because of the living arrangements and also from mental breakdowns. i could go on and on about the legacy of that camp and survivors but i ask that you repeal the support of this resolution. >> thank you. next speaker >> guilty of negligence supervisors it's an honor to be
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here. i'm a resident in the mission district and supervisor campos is my supervisor. i was glad to hear about the resolution about bikes today. a couple of years ago i was in an area and it was worked out very well. okay anyway, i came here to talk about the fact that i oppose the provisions that allows for the definite internal reporters. it's a breakdown of moral values in this country. and i was very happy to hear
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that our board of supervisors was about to propose a resolution to express 70s opposition to it. if you pass it we can hold up our heads and be a positive influence in supporting the laws of our country. the laws that our country has been famous for. and i've suggested with the bikes that i hope you pass the mba. thank you very much. thank you. next speech >> i want to say what i found shocking japanese pinches held in the u.s. held several students including students from
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the college of the law up the street. i hope that fact is unthink able to you as to me we haven't had to think about that but the congress felt that even though the decision was not ever turned the congress does not have the procure to do what they did to our citizens. when students can be pulled out of class or any group can be target we have to think about what can we do to stop that from happening again. a coalition of people have
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gotten together and we've decided that our freedom is not complete in this country and we can't afford to step back and allow this to happen again. we ask that you pass this resolution. next speaker >> hello i'm kevin i'm part of the 99 couldlation. i'd like to thank supervisor campos for sponsoring this resolution against military provisions against the mba. the military plan could - over
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the coming decades there could be effects on others works that activists engage in. that's very good that san francisco's is introducing this motion now. thank you to president chiu for introducing and i urge all spoofrz to vote yes. thank you and thank you. next speaker >> i'm a member of the 99 coalition and i thank the committee for working hard to - i'd like to first of all, thank president chiu for his clear resolution that propped to all
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of you. i'd like to thank all the members of the board of supervisors who are supporting it. i'm going to add a few word. i came here as a young child with my parents escaping asiatry. my father was an attorney. my parents lived in one of the most libel cities at the time and one day my father did not come home. he has arrested and sent to a concentration camp. he has a jew he has really committed to humanity. it wasn't only the jews who were
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arrested it was the political opposition, people when were gay, people who were at that time, mental retarded. it can happen anywhere any time. i urge you to support president chu's resolution. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is artie live in san francisco in district 2. and i also am a member of the san francisco 99 percent coalition. i want to thank president which you for introducing this resolution. san francisco has become the 18 city around the country this is necessary. we need to introduce the
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coalition. this is this is an horrible law. it's easy to stand up for out constitutional rights when things are going well. this is a time for encourage. this body has expressed this kurment. we have heard some of the worse human rights de - we had a war that never seemed to end.
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this includes wiretapping and promissory note with his - we heard about threatening journalists who did their job. i want to oppose the providing of national defense act >> thank you. let's hear in our next speaker please and i have graft pictures here. >> you sent me those twice.
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may god bless you. and what did you think about the pope resigning. i can't believe it myself. he has on top of the world. believe it or not he has walking on-air he never thought he could be so free. flying away on a wing and a prayer. who will the next pope be? . and sooner or later 3 minutes of public time is going to find you. it's just a matter of time.
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before you make up your public comment line. sooner or latter city love is going to get you. it's just waiting for you. i told you time and again we'll find it when. when he find a dream and talking. and waiting for you two, two can shot the whole city day for you. it only takes a minute city to fall in city love. to fall in love. to fall in love. to fall in city love >> thanks. next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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members of the public. another beautiful day in san francisco and it's a different arrangement of supervisors welcome to the imply supervisors. it's not quite the same without the previous gentleman up front with his antics and lively character. but on a more serious note definitely still looking for the custodial permits responsible for the definite station to the western culture in san francisco. a very efficient man to western
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in san francisco. i wonder in there was a - when you come to san francisco did i recognize san francisco or is it just layers and layers of consumerism and complexity of what we need in life. so much complexity that if - you can't identify with it, it's unidentifiable >> when you have an
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unidentifiable society how do you identify with people who run that unidentifiable society. and thanks next speaker >> good afternoon, board of supervisors amendment 18 the constitution of the united states of america . after one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture of sale of transportation of intoxicating liquor store within the implementation of them from the united states and altertry for


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